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Who hath believed our report? and whom is the arm of the Lord revealed? -Isaiah 53

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“Leadership is best cultivated from within the home, not from the outside looking in; therefore, the greatest youth program is the institution of family.”
– Evangelist Ronald L. Fields, II

Ronald L. Fields, II and his wife, Latasha H. Fields, natives of Baton Rouge, Louisiana were called by the Lord to be planted in Chicago, IL, October 2011. They are Overseers and Evangelists of Our Report Ministries & Publications in Chicago, IL and the founders of Ky’Ijel Group Christian Academy (Homeschool Cooperative Academy), and Christian Home Educators Support System (homeschool support/co-op group).

They have over 13 years of home education experience, with their oldest daughter being a homeschooled (2014) to college graduate (2019). They are pillars of their community, where they uphold school choice, family, and faith in The Lord, Jesus Christ.

Mrs. Fields is the State Coordinator of Illinois for ParentalRights.org, a volunteer with Junior Achievement of Chicago, members of 1776unites founded by Bob Woodson, and former members of UrbanCure Clergy Network.

Together the Fields have over 19 years of entrepreneurial experience, fourteen of which Mrs. Fields brought from the real estate industry, where she earned several certifications in Property Management and non-profit Housing. Mrs. Fields received a bachelors’ degree in Business Administration from Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, IL with a 4.0 GPA. Mr. Fields has over 14 years of barbering, blade and clipper technician experience, and the owner of a barbershop in the South Shore community.

Mrs. Fields first 1776unties series interview, she discussed homeschooling’s ability to bring children closer to their parents. “Everybody wants to be heroes to everybody’s children,” said Mrs. Fields, “why don’t we make the parents their heroes?”

Also on June 19, 2019, Mrs. Fields gave her personal testimony of perseverance to the Congressional House Committee on the Budget about “Poverty in America: Economic Realities of Struggling Families.”

Ronald and his wife Latasha, have been married since 2005. They are the proud parents of 4 children Vetiveah, Ronald III, LaRon and TaHije.

The Fields’s believes strongly in the Biblical concept of family

God designed the family as an expression of His spiritual truths, to reflect His image and fulfill a critical role in the earth. God commands parents to be the stewards and catalyst in instituting and demonstrating a moral and practical way of life to their children, to ensure that knowledge will be carried from generation to generation.

Parents have the ultimate responsibility to train up and educate their children, but this is being lost in our communities. Unfortunately, many are relinquishing the training and care of their children in the hands of public schools, thereby causing the decrease in family stability. In this, we believe that its’ incumbent on all to hold in high regard their historical plight and values that builds and enriches strong parental guidance and teach children their true disposition.  Parents have the God-given right to lay a sure foundation of Biblical training and structure in the life of ones’ child, not the world!

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Latasha,
    I appreciated your excellent article in today’s Wall Street Journal. I distributed it widely to my fellow Christians.
    Ken Pendleton


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