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Illinoisans Defend Your Right To Parent!

Action Alert!
New proposed bills will violate the constitutional rights of parents in Education, Health, Medical and Religious Freedom. Illinois Supreme Court has made it clear that parental rights are fundamental rights, therefore they receive strict judicial scrutiny in Illinois.

Proposed Bills:

SB3668-Removes Religious Exemption

  • Removes religious exemption for grades K-12 and college.
  • Restricts medical exemption.
  • Grants minors 14+ to consent to vaccines, but not to decline and removes parental consent.
  • A child be considered neglected or abused for parents/guardians failing to vaccinate for religious reasons.
  • Forces vaccine administrators to report to the state vaccine tracking system, ICARE.
  • Eliminates the Mercury-Free Vaccine Act.

HB4870-Mandates HPV vaccination for all 6th graders

  • HPV a sexually transmitted disease that can cause cervical cancer.
  • Mandates that 6th grade students of “any public, private, or parochial school” receive the HPV vaccination.
  • It is not infectious, nor possible to spread in a school setting.
  • Herd immunity (resistance to the spread) is not possible with this vaccine.

SB25-Repeals Parental notice of Abortion

  • Requires girls 17 and younger seeking an abortion to notify a parent or get approval from a judge to bypass the requirement.
  • The law does not require consent from parents, only to be notified.
  • If repealed, parents or guardians will never know if their daughter has become pregnant and had an abortion.
  • If repealed, parents will be unaware if their daughter is having multiple abortions.
  • If repealed, parents will not know if their daughter is being sexually abused.
  • Repealing this bill will enables abuse of minor girls.
  • If repealed, parents or guardians will not be able to help protect their daughters and the lives of the pre-born babies.

SB25-Reproductive Health Act (RHA) expands abortion

  • Supports a “fundamental right” to abortion.
  • Pre-born babies have no rights under RHA.
  • Repeals Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Law and allows fetal tissue harvesting.
  • Eliminates all licensing requirements, health and safety inspections for abortion clinics.
  • Allows abortions for any reason throughout all 9 months.
  • Eliminates requirements of saving an unborn child surviving the abortion.
  • Allows dismemberment abortions on babies who feel pain, without anesthesia.
  • Allows for both surgical and medical abortions.

SB2762 “Reach” Act K-12-Responsible Education Adolescent and Children’s Health

  • Endorsed by Planned Parenthood of Illinois and by Illinois’ premiere “LBGT” activist organization.
  • Mandates comprehensive sex ed to young children from 8-10 that include discussion about sexting (sending, receiving, or forwarding sexually explicit messages, or images)
  • Mandates all curricular “materials and instruction” must be “affirming” the identities as homosexuals or cross-sex impersonators.
  • Delete teach honor and respect for monogamous heterosexual marriage.
  • Curricula must teach 11 years pupils how to give [and] receive consent” for sexual activity.

Passed Legislation:

HB246-Mandates LGBT History Curriculum – Effective July 1, 2020

  • Requires all children ages 5-18 in public schools be taught about LGBT men and women who have made some significant cultural contributions.
  • Teachers will discussed not only their contributions—but their sexual behaviors.
  • The textbooks will include discussions of the roles and contributions of homosexuals and opposite-sex impersonators.
  • No pupils shall graduated from the 8th grade of any public school unless received instruction in LGBT history.
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