Our Report Ministries & Publications

Who hath believed our report? and whom is the arm of the Lord revealed? -Isaiah 53

Outreach Programs

Our Report Ministries & Publications Outreach Programs


We offers several areas of volunteer opportunities from teaching at CCIA our Youth discipleship Institute, Cooperative settings with the homeschool support group, assisting in creating programs and special events on a short or long term basis.  Students can earn certificates of completion for participating in programs with us.  Parents/Adult can take part as grass root and/or community leaders in the community. College student volunteers gain experience in area of teaching and community development.  All ages can take advantage of our education and entrepreneur opportunities by participating in our hands-on curriculum studies.


Through networking outreach projects with other organizations, we have been able to reach more people, share the gospel, resources, be volunteers and co-sponsors on various outreaches, and promote the Christian faith among neighborhood residents, businesses, agencies, and area churches or ministries.


Families or individuals interested in spiritual growth are welcome to contact us anytime.  We encourage interested families and/or individuals to attend our in-home fellowships, or we will come to you, or fellowship with us at a specified venue time of worship. We also encourage others to open up their homes for time of fellowship and worship.  Individualized scheduled times for Bible studies, worship and prayer are just some of the ways our ministry meet the needs of the people we serve. Discipleship growth opportunities include workshops, training and on-going research of various issues that threatens are Christian faith.


Most of the families we meet do not get to enjoy simple pleasures like a meal together in a restaurant, a pool/beach party, having a picnic, or a trip to a museum, zoo or a movie. We host outings to help provide individual families with healthy opportunities for fun, learning, relaxation, and family time.

For a list of our youth services such as teen discipleship, homeschooling, homework help, summer programs, diagnostic testing, etc. please, click HERE (Homeschool Coop Academy)

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